Online casinos partner with different game developers to feature all kinds of casino games. One of the common casino games available on the lobby of top-rated casino sites is Keno. In this guide, we'll explain how to play keno and all the rules involved. If you are interested in reading detailed reviews of different kinds of casino games, go to

Description of Keno Card

To play keno either at a landbased casino or online casino, the first thing you have to do is purchase a keno card. The card is similar to lottery tickets and it has numbers written on it. In most keno version, there are 1 to 80 numbers on the card, but it is possible to find some versions with up to 120 numbers.

The price of the keno card depends on the variation of the game. Once you've bought the card, you need to mark your lucky numbers on it. Some variations of the game may allow you to mark as much as 10 numbers on the ticket, but we recommend that you check the information of the game to know the limits.

The Keno Raffle Draw

Once you've marked your numbers on the Keno card, the next stage of the game is the raffle draw round. Here, some numbers will be selected at random by the dealer of the game. You should note that you cannot change your selection once the raffle round has begun, so be certain about the numbers you marked before proceeding to this round.

The numbers selected in the raffle draw round varies from one variation to the other. You can check the information menu that most developers have made available in the game to know how the gameplay stages work. If the numbers that were selected in the raffle is the same with the numbers you originally marked on your card, then you are a winner in the game round.

Understanding Keno Payout

Payout in keno is based on how many numbers you managed to guess right and the total numbers you selected. For instance, if you selected 10 numbers and managed to guess 5 of them right, then you can expect to win more than someone that marked 10 numbers and only guessed 3 numbers right. You can check the payout structure of an online keno game in its info menu

If you are unfamiliar with the gameplay of keno, we recommend that you should consider playing it in free mode first. Playing keno online in free mode means that you won't need to bet real money on the game and you will get to learn the moves, features and gameplay. Free keno will allow you to practise the game as long as you need.

Summary and Conclusion

In this guide, we've explained how you can play keno game. We've discussed the structure of the card used in the game as well as the raffle draw game round. Besides that, we've also shed light on the payout of the game. Don't forget that you can always play free keno online as a means to learn how the game works.